General Sales Conditions

1 - General Conditions

1.1. The sale of products through the website are regulated by these General Conditions of Sale.

The website is a website owned by Hélder Santos Torres, Herdeiros Lda(forward Anselmo 1910 and better identified in 1.2. of these General Conditions) this company is also the owner of the trademark “Anselmo 1910” and the domain name “”.

For the purpose of complying with the applicable General Conditions, the complete identification and mandatory references of the company that owns the website and provides the products offered to the public through it, are the following:

1.2. This document explains the terms between the Company Hélder dos Santos Torres Herdeiros, Lda., company by quotas based in Rua Serpa Pinto nº 22ª, 2560-363 Torres Vedras enrolled in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Torres Vedras under the unique registration number and collective person 500442215 with the share capital of €452.726,65 (four hundred and fifty two thousand seven hundred and twenty six euros and sixty five cents), hereinafter referred to as Anselmo 1910, and the User, singular, non-trader, who wishes to make a purchase through the Anselmo 1910 website.
1.3. For the purposes of the legislation on the protection of personal data (Law 67/98, of 26th October), Anselmo 1910, better identified in the previous number, is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data that may be made available by users of the site.

2- User Responsibility

2.1. When registering as a User of the site, and / or placing orders for products sold on it, it assumes full knowledge of these general conditions and implies express acceptance by the User of all the Terms and Conditions of Sale presented below.
2.2. In addition to others that are expressly provided for, the User's obligations and responsibilities are:
- Do not use the site for other purposes other than obtaining information about the products and the respective conditions of sale and / or for their acquisition;
- The User is solely responsible for the integrity, truthfulness and complete filling of the user registration form, as well as the orders that he may place;
- Save and do not disclose your user code and password to third parties. The loss of this access information must be immediately reported to Anselmo 1910;
- Do not use the website or any of the platforms and forms made available through it, to disseminate illegal, illicit or offensive content of general principles of law, ethics and public order;
- Fully comply with all general and particular conditions relating to the website, its use and the transactions and contracts entered into through it.
- The User is responsible for keeping the data relating to his user registration up to date, including the elements relating to his address.
2.3. The User, by accepting to comply with these Terms and Conditions, guarantees that he is of legal age (18 years) and that he has the legal capacity to establish bond contracts.
Purchases made on the Anselmo 1910 website by minors require an express authorization from their parents or legal representative.
2.4. Without prejudice to other contractual or legal responsibilities to which the User's conduct may be subject, Anselmo 1910 reserves the right to cancel all User accounts and registrations that violate any of the present general conditions or whose contractual or pre-contractual conduct objectively reveals bad faith.
2.5. Anselmo 1910 reserves the right to cancel all User accounts and registrations that contain false or incomplete data and / or that correspond to non-existent identities, without any prior notice.


- The website is an electronic platform for the promotion, diffusion and sale to the public (“virtual store”) of watchmaking, jewelry, accessories and others from brands and models sold by Anselmo 1910.

- The present general conditions apply to all visitors and users of the website and to all commercial transactions made through this platform (“Virtual Store”) made available through this means.

- The present Terms and Conditions specifically and exclusively regulate transactions and operations carried out through the website, and are not applicable to sales made in physical stores Anselmo 1910.
- Likewise, any promotions or advantages available through the website are not applicable to sales made at Anselmo 1910 physical stores, unless otherwise specified.

- Before making a User Registration, or making a purchase, the User must carefully read these conditions.

- The finalization of the purchase assumes full knowledge and express acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale presented below.

- After completing the online purchase process, you must print and retain these General Sales Conditions for future reference.

- Anselmo 1910 reserves the right to change these general conditions at any time.
Any changes to these general conditions, will immediately come into force, being the conditions in force applicable on the date on which the user placed the respective order and provided that the respective payment has been made.

- Consequently, you must read and accept them each time you want to make a purchase, or make any type of registration on our website.

3 -User Registration and Orders

3.1. In order to be able to place orders for products through the website, the User must register in advance as a User, by completing the respective form provided on our website.

3.2. The User is solely responsible for the integrity, truthfulness and complete filling of the user registration form, as well as the orders that he may place.

3.3. After registering as a Member, the User will be able to place orders, using the “shopping cart” and following all steps, including those related to payment.

3.4. The system automatically assumes the address that the User has indicated in his account for the delivery of the order. However, in the ordering process, the User can edit this address or add an alternative delivery address. You can also choose the option "Delivery in store" for physical collection in one of the Anselmo 1910 stores. It is important to pay special attention to filling in this field to avoid delivery problems and consequently increased costs.

3.5. Unless otherwise specified, deliveries of all products purchased on the Anselmo 1910 website have associated shipping costs.

3.6. The validation of the order implies acceptance by the User of these general conditions, as well as the price, characteristics of the product to be purchased, delivery times and other particular conditions of the transaction.

3.7. After finalizing the ordering procedure, the User will receive an email with the information of the order number, the products purchased, the payment method made and the estimated delivery times.

3.8. If the User detects any error or non-conformity in the description of the elements of the order, must immediately inform Anselmo 1910 through our email so that it can be canceled or rectified, depending on the situation. The User must save the order confirmation message by printing it or recording it digitally.

3.9. Anselmo 1910 reserves the right to cancel orders if it finds that there are no payment guarantees or in situations where the order is placed by a Customer with whom there is a legal dispute in progress related to a previous order. This right is also applied whenever Anselmo 1910, with legitimate reasons, considers the User to be improper (for example, Customer with precedent of violation of these General Conditions of Sale or involved in fraudulent activities of any kind).

3.10. In the event of an error in programming or communications, and whenever the messages transmitted do not reach the recipient in a condition that the essential elements or the essential elements of the contract can be perceived and understood, Anselmo 1910 reserves the right to cancel and annul the order, informing the User of such situation.

3.11. The data and orders registered by Anselmo 1910 related to the User, will be kept by Anselmo 1910 and may serve as proof of contracting the orders.

4 - Prices, characteristics and availability of products

4.1. The images of the products presented on the website are merely indicative. When placing an order the User must check and confirm the characteristics and description of the respective products.

4.2. The indicated characteristics of the products are supplied to Anselmo 1910 by the respective manufacturers, importers or distributors, who are responsible for them.

4.3. The indicated price of the products is the selling price to the public (including VAT at the legal rate in force), unless an insertion error or otherwise indicates.

4.4. The prices shown are only valid when the order submission is made and paid for.

4.5. Anselmo 1910 reserves the right to change prices without notice and is therefore indicative only.

If there is any difference between the prices on the website and those marked on the item’s labels, the correct price will always be the one found on the label.

4.6. Anselmo 1910 seeks to ensure that the images of each product are faithful reproductions of the original, but there may always be some variations that result from technical specificities and the color resolution characteristics of the equipment with which the Client accesses our Anselmo 1910 website.

For this reason, Anselmo 1910 is not responsible for any differences between the original product and its graphic representation available on this website, if resulting from the technical issues mentioned.

4.7. Despite the efforts and control instituted by Anselmo 1910, it is possible that some prices indicated on the website may contain errors. If this happens, when processing the order, Anselmo 1910 will inform the User of this fact.

In this situation, the User can:

- be refunded of the difference if the advertised price is higher than the actual selling price, or cancel the order.

- Or informed of the effective price and maintaining interest in it, pay the difference if the effective price is higher than the price advertised on the website.

4.8. Indication of stock availability, as well as delivery times, are only indicative.

If, due to unavailability of stocks, or delays in processing or shipping the products ordered by the User, it is impossible to satisfy the order within the specified delivery time, plus five working days, Anselmo 1910 will contact the User, who may choose to keep the order and accept the new delivery term indicated, or cancel the order, thus refunding the amount he has already paid.

4.9. If the ordered product is discontinued, Anselmo 1910 will inform the User, and proceed to cancel the order, returning to the User the amount paid corresponding to the discontinued product.

5 - Orders and Payment Methods

5.1. Orders will only be considered, processed and shipped after payment is made, using one of the payment methods available on the website, by Anselmo 1910.

5.2. The payment methods available for online purchases made through the website are the following:

»Credit Card payment via the Wix platform (100% secure).

»Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro.

» Bank transfer payment.

Anselmo 1910 will never ask you for any personal financial information.

5.3. The User accepts that the processing of payments through online platforms carries security risks.

The choice and the option of using any payment method are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User.

6 - Package delivery

6.1. The delivery of the order is made to the address indicated by the User (provided that it is located in one of the countries to which Anselmo 1910 sells through its website).

6.2. The system automatically assumes the address that the User has indicated in his account for the delivery of the order. However, in the ordering process, the User can edit this address or add an alternative delivery address.

You can also choose the option "Delivery in store" for physical collection in one of the Anselmo 1910 stores. It is important that you pay special attention to filling in this field to avoid delivery problems and consequently increased costs.

6.3. The User will be able to track his order through the website of our carriers, inserting the code we sent him in the shipping confirmation email.

6.4. In case of doubt or question you can always contact us, through our email or by contacting our Customer Support.

6.5. The User is responsible for verifying that the packaging is in perfect condition and that the items are in accordance with the order when receiving the order. In the event that it is visibly damaged, the User must refuse to receive the order, mentioning the occurrence in the courier delivery list, and inform us of the occurrence through our email or by contacting our Customer Support.

Except when otherwise stipulated, the expected delivery time for products in mainland Portugal is approximately 2 to 5 working days and 5 to 8 working days for the islands of Madeira and the Azores after confirmation of payment through the bank.

The counting of working days will not take into account Saturdays, Sundays, national or municipal holidays, days in which point tolerance is decreed and days of strike in the transport or postal services sectors.

Deliveries are made, on business days, between 9 am and 6 pm.

6.7. If at the time of delivery of the order no one is found at the address indicated, a second delivery attempt will be rescheduled by the carrier.

6.8. If the second delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the order will be returned to Anselmo 1910, and the amount paid will be credited to the User under the terms of paragraph 9.11. below, less shipping and processing costs.

»Informing that, at the current date, the costs of transport and processing of orders to be delivered in Portuguese mainland are 20Eur (VAT included at the legal rate in force).

6.9. If delivery is to an Anselmo 1910 store, you will be informed by email as soon as the order is available for collection.

»You must present the withdrawal document in store.

7 - Product information and instructions

7.1. Watchmaking products are precision mechanisms and must be used and handled according to the instructions provided by the respective manufacturer. We recommend that you read the instructions in full, and all the information that accompanies the products before using them.

7.2. Jewels are delicate pieces, valuable for the materials used and for the art which they were worked.

Jewels that have stones must be handled with care and handled with care.

They must be packed separately in their own cases, thus avoiding direct contact with air and humidity.

This way you can extend the life of your Jewelry for much longer.

7.3. Some products are also accompanied by certificates, and warranty documents provided by the respective manufacturers and importers.

In these cases, the User must always keep the guarantee certificates and the respective terms and conditions, which we recommend reading.

7.4. If the product is accompanied by a warranty certificate, the User must verify that it is properly stamped and dated.

7.5. All the elements supplied with the product (including the respective packaging, any accessories, instructions and warranty document) are essential for the eventual return or exchange of the product. Read FAQ Exchanges and Returns.

7.6. The guarantee certificate and the respective purchase invoice are absolutely necessary for the exercise of the rights of the legal guarantee or of any voluntary guarantee provided by the respective manufacturer. Read FAQ Official Warranty.

8 - Withdrawal right

8.1. Under the terms of the applicable legislation (DL No. 24/2014, amended by Law 47/2014, of 28 July), the User has 14 days(including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), from the day the items are delivered to the address indicated, to terminate the contract, without payment of compensation and without the need to indicate the reason.

8.1.1. Except for the exchange or return of earrings.

For hygiene reasons, they cannot be exchanged or returned, thus being of final sale. This term is a temporary measure (that is, applicable only as long as a Health risk persists, during the COVID-19 outbreak)

8.2. The right referred to in the previous paragraph must be exercised by the User by completing the Free Resolution Form provided here on our website.

8.3. The User in case of doubt, can contact us through our email so that we can send you the respective Free Resolution Form by email.

The User must fill in the Form thus confirming the elements contained therein and his intention, and then send it to us by post, or by email to our email address

8.4. To exercise the withdrawal Right, the User must deliver the product, in the same condition as it was delivered, accompanied by the respective packaging, with the respective warranty certificate, instructions, invoice or any documents provided with the product.

8.4.1 The User must deliver the product to any Anselmo 1910 store, or return it by CTT, the return costs being always borne by the User.

8.5. All the elements supplied with the product (including the respective packaging and accessories) are mandatory for eventual return.

8.6. In case the User has exercised the Withdrawal right, under the terms previously described, without the product being returned to Anselmo 1910, within a maximum period of thirty days from the date on which it was received by the User, the right to resolution will have no effect and the amount paid for the product will not be refunded to the User.

The same will be applied if all the elements supplied with the product are not returned, or if the product is not in perfect condition.

8.7. After receiving the product, the technical services of Anselmo 1910 will proceed to check the condition of the product, as well as the other elements that accompanied the product.

8.8. Exchanges or returns of products that show signs of use or misuse (whether they are scratches, signs of falling, blows or “knocking”, signs of humidity in products that are not water resistant, among others) will not be accepted or with the security seal violated.

In these cases, Anselmo 1910 will not refund the amount paid for the product in question and will return it to the customer, in the state in which it was received.

8.9. Exchanges or returns of products customized by the customer or customized according to their specifications will not be accepted.

8.10. For safety, hygiene and health reasons, bracelets that show signs of use will also not be accepted.

In this situation, Anselmo 1910 will reduce the cost of selling the respective bracelet to the public, in the amount to be refunded, and this will be returned to the User.

8.11. After analysis by the technical services of Anselmo 1910, and if the returned products fulfill the mentioned conditions, , the amount paid by the User will be returned within a maximum period of thirty days from the date Anselmo 1910 received the returned product as well as the respective communication of resolution.

8.12. The refund of the amount will be made automatically, in order to guarantee speed in the process and greater comfort to the User, according to the payment method that was made in the initial order, within a maximum period of thirty days, and as follows:

Visa credit card / Mastercard / Bank transfer (refundable amount automatically credited to the Credit Card used in the order).

»If the User so wishes, a digital voucher can also be sent to the email address associated with the order, and which is registered to your account on our website, and the amount can be used for future purchases on the Anselmo 1910 website.

8.13. In case of product exchange, the User can exchange for any other product in store, of equal or greater value.

»If the chosen product is of a lower value, a voucher will be issued in the amount of the difference made, which can be used in future purchases in store within 6 months.

»If the User does not immediately want to exchange for any other product in our stores, a voucher will be issued for the value of the product, which can be used in future purchases in store within 6 months.

8.14. When the return is processed the User will receive an email with that information. In case of doubt or clarification, you should contact our Customer Support.

9 - Warranty

9.1. All products sold in our Anselmo 1910 stores and on the website are covered by a 2-year warranty, guaranteed by the respective brands.

9.2. You must keep the warranty documentation you received with the product, together with proof of purchase.

9.3. Whenever necessary, and if the warranty conditions are met, you should contact us via email

9.4. Whenever the warranty is activated, its validity period is not affected by any repair or replacement.

9.5. This guarantee is not valid in the following cases:

- Use of non-original parts to repair the product;
- Intervention by third parties other than those authorized by the manufacturer; - Bracelet, batteries and glass;

- Damage caused by normal wear and tear caused by use, accident, misuse or negligence in the recommended care (for example, wear of the bracelet, broken or scratched glass, broken crown);

- Loss of stones or damage caused by use.

9.6. After the warranty period ends, Anselmo 1910 can provide technical assistance.

In this case, whenever the repair involves costs, it is only carried out after the acceptance of the budget, and the payment of 50% of the value by the User.

9.7. In order for the purchased product to work in perfect condition, Anselmo 1910 recommends the following specific precautions:

- As the water resistance of watches is different depending on the model, you should always check this information on the case cover;

- To use the watch correctly, you should check the table below for the different types of use supported in each water resistance category:

- The crown must be in its normal, tight position, in order to guarantee the announced water resistance;

- Never adjust the watch or use the buttons or rotating bezel while the watch is wet or in contact with water;

- Whenever you change the watch battery, you must also change the cover seal to avoid compromising the watch's tightness;

- If the watch has stones or crystals on the outside, you must take some additional precautions, such as avoiding contact with water, perfumes or other substances that can interact with the materials, to prevent the stones or crystals from loosening, becoming discolored or stained.

11 - Applicable Legislation

11.1. In the use of the website, as well as the transactions and contracts concluded through it, and the interpretation and application of the present general conditions, Portuguese Law is applied.

11.2. To settle any dispute arising out of the use of the website, transactions or contracts concluded through this or the application of the present general conditions, the Portuguese Courts are exclusively competent.

10 - Intellectual Property

10.1. The Anselmo 1910 website and the content made available on it is protected by the laws regarding copyright and industrial property and cannot be copied, reproduced or disseminated, either in whole or in part.

10.2. In particular, it is prohibited to copy or retransmit any text, logo, graphic, sound or image from the Anselmo 1910 website, unless this is expressly permitted by the Anselmo 1910 entity.

10.3. Anselmo 1910 cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use that the User or any person who accesses the website may make of such materials or content.

10.4. Printing and collecting information on this site for personal use is permitted.