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- All products sold in our Anselmo 1910 stores and on the website are covered by a 2 year warranty, guaranteed by the respective brands.

- You must keep the warranty documentation you received with the product, together with proof of purchase.

- Whenever necessary, and if the warranty conditions are met, you should contact us via email

- Whenever the warranty is activated, its validity period is not affected by any repair or replacement.

This warranty is not valid in the following cases:
- Use of non-original parts to repair the product;
- Intervention by third parties other than those authorized by the manufacturer;
- Bracelet, batteries and glass;
- Malfunction or damage due to normal wear caused by use, misuse or neglect of recommended care (e.g. bracelet wear, broken or scratched glass, broken crown)
- Loss of stones or damage caused by use.

- After the warranty period ends, Anselmo 1910 can provide technical assistance. In this case, whenever the repair involves costs, it is only carried out after the budget is accepted, and the payment of 50% of the value by the User.

- In order for the purchased product to work in perfect condition, Anselmo 1910 recommends the following specific precautions:

- As the water resistance of watches is different depending on the model, you should always check this information on the case cover;

- To use the watch correctly, you should check the table below for the different types of use supported in each water resistance category:

- The crown must be in its normal, tight position, in order to guarantee the announced water resistance;
- Never adjust the watch or use the buttons or rotating bezel while the watch is wet or in contact with water;
- Whenever you change the watch battery, you must also change the cover seal so as not to compromise the watch's tightness;
- If the watch has stones or crystals on the outside, you should take some extra care, such as avoiding contact with water, perfumes or other substances that may interact with materials to prevent the stones or crystals from loosening, become discolored or stained.

Product without Warranty

- After the 2 year warranty, if an intervention is necessary, you can contact our technical assistance service.

If repairing your products involve you costs, this information will be sent to you, and will only be carried out after the approval and signaling of 50% of the respective budget.

- For more information read the Technical Assistance Service FAQ.